Hey Wanderlusters,

If you didn’t know yet we are from New Zealand, that small country down the bottom of the world, just off the coast of our mate Australia. At the end of March 2020 our little nation like many other countries, was cut off from the rest of the world due to the Global pandemic, and after our initial lockdown phase, our government was encouraging Kiwis to get out and see our own backyard,  and what a backyard we have down here in NZ.

We are a nation of born travellers who love to explore, yet a good percentage of us can say we’ve never actually holidayed in the ‘other’ island, or explored our own backyard.  This was Alana, until the age of 26 when she moved to Auckland from Dunedin, the South Island was her playground, and she knew it like the back of her hand. I was lucky enough to be born in Christchurch in the South Island but I grew up moving around NZ with my dads job, so I had seen a decent amount of our country by the age of 10. My mother bought us up with the philosophy of “see your own country before you see the world” and I guess that’s what a lot of Kiwis are doing now.

For some reason, potentially due to cost, most Kiwi’s are more likely to have travelled overseas before taking a plane or ferry across the Cook Strait that separates our North and South islands. So because we are stuck here with our borders closed for the foreseeable future how about you think about exploring little old New Zealand for your next holiday?

With so much on offer, we are often envied by other countries, from tourist hotspots, to little hidden gems, so come with Alana and I, as we embark on an adventure through New Zealand to explore “Our Backyard”. We hope to inspire you to get out and see New Zealand as well, or to explore your own beautiful country, where ever home is for you at the moment.

Safe Travels xx