Hey Wanderlusters,

Are you a last minute packer or a planned re-packer? I am definitely a planned re- packer who likes to mull over what I have packed to make sure nothing is missing and that I haven’t taken too much.  Alana on the other hand is more of a free spirt who likes to throw it together at the last minute, sometimes a few hours before the actual flight. Even though we are so different in our packing styles, we somehow both make it work for us. Over the years of travelling we have picked up some handy tips, and hints on how to pack like a pro. We have also picked up a few travel essentials that we highly recommend and never leave home without now.

In “Pack that Bag”, we are here to share what we have learnt over the years, and we share some of our favourite products and gadgets that we like to travel with.

If you keen to travel the Wanderlusting way then read on.

Safe Travels xx