One of the main reasons we wanted to do this travel blog was to share some hints and tips for travellers to make your holidays and travels memorable for all the right reasons. We both work in a busy International Airport and meet people every day that range from the novice traveller on their very first international trip to some very savvy travellers who still unfortunately get tripped up by the in’s and out’s of the very confusing world of travel.

So to help out a little we are going to be writing a series of articles on tips and tricks from what we have learnt from working for the last 6 ½ years in the travel industry where the rules can change daily. These articles will be a part of what we are calling “The Insiders Guide” and will cover everything from Airline travel, Touring and Cruising,  all the way through to choosing the best accommodation for your needs and so much more.

First of all we will be tackling the ins and outs of Airline travel and man there is a lot to cover.  We are excited to be starting with an article about Seat to Suit and what that actually means to you as a traveller.

It’s worth a read as you very well maybe missing out on some awesome benefits.

So please come check in again soon, as this first article in the Airline series of “The Insider’s Guide “ will be live and ready to land a few days.

If you have anything you want us to cover then let us know by dropping us an email, or flicking us a message on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


Kirsty and Alana